Hello!  Welcome to the Canadian County Free Fair!
Quick instructions: Start with the login tab and get yourself a login, then procede.  Please enter all your correct information.  This is very important so that you get your check after the fair.  Click all the way through until you get to the end where it gives you a confirmation number.  Then you know you are entered.  If you don't get a confirmation number then I will not be able to pull your pre-entries off the site.  AG-INSTRUCTORS ALL YOUR EXHIBITORS INFORMATION FROM THE JR LIVESTOCK SHOW IN MARCH IS IN THE SYSTEM.  PLEASE CHECK FOR CHANGES IN ADDRESS ETC.    PASSWORD IS THE SAME AS YOU USED THEN, CONTACT KAREN IF YOU FORGOT WHAT IT WAS.  
 To all ag teachers entering livestock information:  Please enter a birth date for exhibitors so we will have a list of ages for Showmanship. Eventhough this is a secure site no SSN will need to be entered in the fall.  You will need to check all exhibitor information.   IMPORTANT:  ENTER ONLY 3 MARKET GOAT WETHERS, 3 MARKET SHEEP WETHERS, 3 BARROWS, 2 MARKET STEERS, 2 PROSPECT STEERS, 2 HEIFERS, 2 GILTS, 2 DOES, 2 EWES, OR 2 RAMS PER EXHIBITOR.  a, b, c, your eartags ( ie. 2 barrows a and b, 1 barrow and one sheep both would be an a because they are different species)     Call if you have questions.  641-5309